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“Union Choice is a true Team of Champions. I wanted to take the time to thank everyone from the team for helping my family through the loan process recently. This was done with the utmost professionalism, from a team that truly knows the meaning of collaboration, timeliness,
and transparency. From day one, until the completion of our loan and purchase of our new home, Lou & Chase kept in contact with us on a daily basis to insure that our needs were met and that any questions that we had were answered. To say that we were satisfied through the whole experience, is truly an understatement. As we prepare ourselves to move into our new home, I wanted to let the team know that this wouldn’t have been possible without your hands on approach to what we had heard can be a difficult experience. With Union Choice, that was not the case, and for that we are eternally grateful for you.”

“The loan process was nice and easy, and each step was explained in great detail.  The team was very hands-on and available when needed.  My experience with Union Choice was great and stress free.  I will definitely recommend Union Choice to my family, friends, and coworkers.”

“Lou, Tenisha, and the whole team were amazing to work with. They answered all my questions and were very accommodating throughout the whole process, which made my life easy and stress free. I really enjoyed the mobile app it was extremely easy to use and made uploading documentation a breeze. I will definitely recommend Union Choice to my friends, family, and coworkers.”

“The Union Choice team was amazing.  None of my friends could believe how fast they took me through the escrow.  It was approx 23 days beginning to end.  I'm also a very busy person whereby my work life is concerned and yet it was super easy to communicate and get things done without constantly being randomly called.  Lou, Chase, and Tenisha were always texting with me first to see what windows of availability I had, and then made themselves available when I had windows.  Super respectful and super-efficient.  Very knowledgeable and very organized as well.  They didn't misplace documents or lose emails, which typically leads to a ton of wasted time. I'm buying another house in 6 months and can't wait to work with the team again.  ”

“I believe it has been close to two decades since I first reached out to you after reading your advertisement in the magazine produced by the Association of Deputy Sheriff's (Los Angeles County).  Your advertisement caught my eye by its mere title name "Union Choice" and I sought your services within the process of refinancing my California home. That initial investment with Union Choice provided a rich return of my time invested, meriting a personal and business partnership with a company and people that seek to provide a service that brings financial stability to any challenge and develop an intrinsic relationship of grace filled countenance. 

I am grateful for the years of continued partnership and relationship that assisted our family in achieving great goals in real estate acquisition that has allowed us to fulfill lifetime dreams. There has been no challenge that has not been met and overcome by Union Choice within our years of relationship.  The team of members of Union Choice are second to none within professional acumen; Don and his team lend their skills and years of experience to every request and inquiry, insuring and affirming that a client is established as the priority within every nuance or rigor of purchase, refinance and escrow real estate contemplation and fulfillment.  To have been "that client" over the years has provided me tremendous solace from the counsel of the Union Choice team, providing affirmation of viability and indicating pause when conditional favorability was not at its maximum for me personally, despite the fact it may have been for Union Choice.  That in turn has been the underlying thread to the fabric of a tremendously positive relationship over these past 20 years which is trust.  

For those that do not know of Union Choice and the team of professionals, they indeed owe it to themselves to begin a conversation, investigate as a good cop should always do before determining a course of direction, because it will lead them to conclusive evidence of the quality, professionalism and overwhelming personal care families receive when working with Union Choice. ”

“Thank you team for always coming through!  Between my husband Godin and I, we've purchased 4 homes using Union Choice and we keep coming back!!  Excellent top notch service!!!  I will definitely recommend to my friends and family.”

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