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Success Stories From Union Choice Clients

Andrew M.
“I learned about Union Choice at a conference I was attending and called them for a ReFi as soon as I returned home.  I have dealt with numerous companies over the past couple of years in an attempt to get a better rate (I was at a 6.25%!).  Union Choice has BY FAR been the most responsive and customer service oriented company I have dealt with.  They kept me informed throughout the process and always returned phone calls or answered emails.  They made this whole process quick and painless. I had a somewhat complicated previous loan, with a subordinate loan that needed to be paid off.  They locked my rate at 4.25% and closed my loan within a month! I would definitely recommend them to friends, family and co-workers and I would use their services again.  A big thank you to Don, Tim, Natalie and Melinda for all your hard work.”

Deputy Sheriff
Jonathan H.
I would like to say a big “Thank You” to Union Choice and their professionalism during my residential refinance. Lou Miron was incredible and kept me posted during every step of the process. He also addressed any concerns I may have had. Don personally called and also kept me updated, and answered all my questions. I would do business with this company again if needed, and I will recommend Union Choice to all my friends and family.

LA County Sergeant 
April N.

For the past few years we have entrusted with you our home and guidance with finance. You led us to success and never denied us the ability to grow as a family. When issues arose, you maintained a professional relationship and your goal was to make the customer happy. You even did it when several times when I was very hesitant. I am happy to say that we are doing well and have minimal debt. We took a lot of your advice and it has helped. I love my kitchen and every day I walk in I fell very at home, which I never did before. I continue to refer people to you because I trust you. You have an energetic personality and always liked speaking with you. I hope you, your kids and business are doing well. Thank you for everything that you did for us.”

Deputy Sheriff
Ed & Angelina B.
“Your company put my wife and I at ease from the very beginning of the loan process. Everyone that I had contact with during this period from your President on down,  were informative and very professional thru out the process. I told a good friend lately, you guys always made me feel like a person rather than just a number. I would recommend your company to family and friends in a New York minute. Thanks again for the wonderful service your company provided. Have a wonderful holiday season. Yours truly, Ed.”

Mc Laughlin Family
Thank you so very much for all of your help in securing our loan for our new home here in Beaumont, CA. You were organized & thorough & professional, as well as kind which made all of the difference in our interactions with you. We put our trust in you and you most definitely came through for us. From my first phone call to the last signature you guys were there for us even on the WEEKENDS! Even though our first offer was not accepted you guys stayed with it and got an even better deal on a better house. It was truly meant to be. Thank you for your patience as well as treating us as people rather than just home loan customers. You stand above the rest, Union Choice!

Riverside County Deputy Sheriff
Chris D.
Lou Miron and Union Choice Staff,

To start I want to say thank you for all the hard work!
I was very pleased with my experience working with Union Choice. Everyone I worked with was very professional and knowledgeable. It was a very easy and quick process. In short, I was able to consolidate many debts into one payment and in the process save myself money$$.

I was concerned at first having to complete the whole process over the phone. I was quickly set at ease. Thanks in a large part to Lou Miron. I was given all the information I needed and kept in loop throughout the whole process. Which was breath of fresh air considering past experiences with applying for loans. It was nice to feel like a company actually has my best interest in mind.

I would and have recommended Union Choice to anyone looking for any type of loan.

Thank you again for all the hard work.

LA Sheriff
Felipe M.
“Hi Luis, I wanted to let you know that I truly appreciate the hard work that you and Tim put in on this refinance for me.
It’s very rare to find professional’s such as yourselves, that truly go the extra mile for a customer. I will definitely  recommend Union Choice to all my friends and family.”

CC County Sheriff
Daniel & Noelia F.
“The approach to the client and customer support is amazing, the team really makes you feel like you are part of the process and very transparent with all aspects of the transaction. This is the 2nd time we use Union Choice and we would definitely come back in the future and recommend them to anyone in the market for a loan.

Doing a loan with no fees out of pocket for us made it a no brainer, really helped our monthly expenses by lowering out mortgage. this was the deal maker, no question about it. but as mentioned above, overall service, dedication and customer care are top notch.

Reducing our interest rate further when it was already low really made us feel like our business is important to you, we are 100% satisfied with all aspects of our transaction, the team is amazing form top to bottom. The Professionalism is great. To us communication is important, it’s hard to deal with someone that you can’t reach all the time. Union Choice is great at that, any time, any day they are reachable and always pick up their phone to answer your questions and concerns. This goes a long way in creating a bond and working relationship for the current transaction and the future. We pride them on their professionalism, attention to detail and the fact that they make the process as painless as possible. This is very important to know they are always on top of things, gives you ease of mind and sense of security.”

Deputy Sheriff
Jerry N.
November, 2016

“Everyone I spoke with at Union Choice has been easy to contact. They have been very patient, responsive, and did what they said they would. Before them I went through a Harp 2.0 process with a company that made promises they couldn’t keep. I was waiting on them for 18 months because I didn’t think I had another option. Very few lenders were willing to do a harp refinance. When I contacted Don, he told me it would take 21 days and he was right. They made sure I got the best deal possible. Their fees were set unlike some who take a percentage of the loan. Union Choice is fair, honest, and patient. That’s why I continue to use them.”

Jesse & Tara A.
“Thanks so much again!
Doing business with you guys feels like such a breeze! So professional and on top of things! Thank you for making this another awesome experience!”

Buena Park Police Department
Suon & Matthew S.
“Don and the whole Union Choice family have been very professional, caring, and kind. It has been a very wonderful experience working with you all. It was also really a pleasure to have Scott as our agent.”

Deputy Sheriff
Mishone & Maria J.
“We wouldn’t even be in this home without Don’s help so we are extremely grateful. I’m also the kind of client who asks tons of questions and everyone was really patient with me. So thanks to Don, Lou and anyone else involved in our refi. We truly appreciate you guys.”

R Rex Parris Law Firm &
LA County District Attorney’s Office
Iris B.
“Thank you gentlemen for your professionalism, friendliness, and promptness.  You all made this refinance a good experience for me. It was all done in less than 30 days, that was fast.

Best wishes to you all.”

Deputy Sheriff
Debra M.
“I’ve been with union choice for many years and they always worked as a team.  The team that worked on my refinance was great to work with, and help me to become debt free.  My mortgage was brought down to a great low amount.  Thanks to Don Peart introducing me to Scott Assali and others that help him on my refinance process. Thank you!”

Deputy Sheriff
Debra M.
“I’ve been with union choice for many years and they always worked as a team.  The team that worked on my refinance was great to work with, and help me to become debt free.  My mortgage was brought down to a great low amount.  Thanks to Don Peart introducing me to Scott Assali and others that help him on my refinance process. Thank you!”

Deputy Sheriff
Cruz A.
“Service was great – Union Choice was very responsive and kept in touch the entire time. The whole staff is very patient and worked around my schedule. And they gave me the rate I wanted!”

Deputy Sheriff
Paul & Marta B.
“Dear Don and Staff,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff at Union Choice in helping us in the purchase of our new dream home. Before calling Union Choice, we were in the process of working with the company that we were paying our last mortgage with. We were already approved but one day, I was looking through my husband’s work magazine called the “Blue Line” and came across your ad. I told my husband to call your company and we are so happy we did because we were contacted the same day, pre-approved the next day, and fully approved by the end of that week. Working with Union Choice and providing documentation was easy and hassle free. When we first put our offer in our dream home, the listing seller’s agent was skeptical in working with us and our agent because the previous accepted offer fell through. They wanted to cross quality us with their lenders so instead we let them speak directly to Don and allowed them to have full disclosure of our finances but then the offer we had accepted from our buyer backed out and we were in jeopardy of losing our dream home, but luckily the day it fell through another offer came in. But then, we received a notice from the seller’s agent terminating our accepted offer that’s when Don stepped in and saved our deal and today we are happily living in our dream home that we plan on living in forever. We will definitely be calling Union Choice for any refinances on our home as well as referring family and friends to them.

Thank you again for making our dream home come true!”

Deputy Sheriff
Ray W.
“My experience with Union Choice has always been one of great service and professionalism.  Having partnered with them on a previous refinance, the obvious choice(no pun intended) was to use their services once again. And, once again, they met my every expectation, and in some cases surpassed them. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for home financing.”

Deputy Sheriff
Dean G.
“I had an absolutely wonderful experience. Don is a general who thinks for me when I can’t think for myself. I am a single dad with 4 kids so when I’m really stressed he helps me with whatever I need. You guys have truly been amazing to me and I can’t thank you enough.”

Deputy Sheriff
Phillip M.
"I have worked with Don on a few different loans and each time has went great.  I really appreciate his professionalism and knowledge that he brings to explaining the loan process.  Thank you again and will definitely be a return customer."

Deputy Sheriff
Erin J.
“The process of my refinance was very easy. Everything was great. Don and his team take care of everything!”

Deputy Sheriff
Randall H.
“To Whom It May Concern:

With a growing family of seven kids in a 1685 square foot house, we had no room to move. After the fall of the market several years ago, it left my property under water. I had a first and second that was way over what my house was worth and felt like I had no options to move and provide a better living environment for my family.

One day my wife was driving by a 122 year old Victorian house in the city we call home and noticed it was for sale. She asked me to see if we could go in and see it; not buy it, but to see the beauty of the house and to dream about how great it would be to have our family in there. I was reluctant since I didn’t want to go look at something I knew I could never have. Several days passed and my wife showed me an advertisement in one of my law enforcement magazines for Don Peart. She asked me to call to see if he could do something for us. Once again, I argued the fact that there was no way that anyone could get us in that house.

I gave in and called Don on a Sunday night, knowing he wouldn’t answer and I could say I called. Well to my surprise, Don called me right back and asked what he could help me with. I explained I was a detective with the Sheriff’s Department and I was stuck in a small house, and felt I had no options to get into something we love. Don told me he would call me the next day and figure out what we could do.

The next day Don called me and spent several hours on the phone explaining all the possibilities and how the market of real estate and loans worked. He analyzed every aspect of my life to figure out what would be the best way for me to get into the house. At the same time, Don had someone show us the house, and we fell in love even more. At that moment, watching my kids and wife run around the house picking their rooms, talking about paint color, how they would set their rooms up, and seeing the glow in their faces, I knew I had to do something to get them there. Don worked with me hand and hand to get over every hurdle that came my way; and believe me, there were many.

Every day Don would call me with an update and give me a list of things I needed to do. If I was confused about the process, I’d give a quick call back to Don and he would clear it up or do it for me. Several times during the process, I felt it just wasn’t going to happen. Don would call me and ensure me that he was going to make it happen and not to worry; so each day i was waiting for that call from Don to tell me everything was on track and going well, even though I felt it wasn’t.

30 DAYS LATER: Keys in my hand, I can’t believe I’m walking into my beautiful home with my wonderful family; all because Don called me back and took charge of what seemed to be a hopeless venture. I couldn’t be happier with the entire process. Don was very professional through the whole process and treated me as if I was his only client. I’m glad to have worked with him and at the end, and am happy to call him a friend. ”

Deputy Sheriff
Dave H.
“My Wife and I want to thank you for everything you did for us regarding our home loan. When my Wife and I first discussed about buying a home, we thought because of our credit, we would not be qualified. I saw your advertisement in the ALADS Dispatcher and thought, “What do I have to lose.” When I spoke to you, you were very professional and eager to help us. In a short period of time, you called me back and told me I was qualified and to start looking for a home.

You recommended a great agent who walked us through the entire process. We found a home and cannot be any happier. The loan was funded without and problems and it could not be possible without your help. My Wife and I cannot thank you enough for what you did for our family. We would definitely recommend you to our friends and family.”

Deputy Sheriff
Oscar C.
“Don, I just wanted to send this to thank you and your whole crew who helped us with our refi. Union Choice did what other companies said could not be done. You made my wife and I feel like we were your only customers and I appreciated that.  I can’t imagine how you were able to get everything done as fast as you did even with the holidays upon us. Not only were you able to save us money on our payment, but you were able to put money in our pockets. If you ever need to use us as a reference, please do not hesitate in sending them our way. I would recommend your company to anyone without hesitation. Thank you again for everything”

Deputy Sheriff
Chris B.
“To whom it may concern,

This is my letter in regards to Union Choice. They helped me refinance my mortgage twice! and they have helped my close friend with his mortgage. When I had an issue, they were readily available to speak to me, over the phone. When I went to their office without an appointment, they took me in, no questions. They are very knowledgeable. They explain things to me with patience when I do not understand, which is quite often.”

Deputy Sheriff
Ramiro A.
“Don Peart helped me to refinance my home quickly and at the lowest rate possible. He educated me on the options available and what the current rates are. I highly recommend Don to anyone who might need to refinance or mortgage a house.”

Deputy Sheriff
Rudy Z.
“That was the most pleasant and fast refinance transaction I have ever completed.”

Deputy Sheriff
Ron & Imelda
“Don, Eric and Sandra definitely know how to cater to the needs of law enforcement professionals. They definitely know how to get the job done!!”

Deputy Sheriff